David Evans
PG Academic Officer He/him

A bit about me...

I’m a PhD Mathematics student and something of an old hand here at the University, having originally come to Durham in 2009. I’m a keen cyclist – I’ve cycled day trips to Leeds to see my family and recently did the Coast-to-Coast in aid of Nightline. I’ve taken up running too, but when I’m at home I’d much rather play strategy games or watch comedy and satire. I’m also a bit of a whisky connoisseur and like to sample a variety at weekends!

I’m an advocate of the colleges through and through! I wouldn’t have developed myself outside of academia at all if not for the collegiate system. There are so many pathways to taking up sports, societies, the arts, volunteering, student politics or pretty much anything else. It’s that ability to get involved at whatever extent you want to that sets Durham apart for me.

I represent postgraduate students at University committees and directly to staff members, picking up individual issues they want me to address. These can be raised directly to me or through our Faculty/Department/Course Rep structures.