Charlie Walker
Opportunities Officer

A bit about me...

I’m a gin-drinking lad from Leicestershire—the heart of rural England—who prefers coffee to tea and dogs to cats. I like to go on rural walks with my boyfriend, I cook pasta, I make strong coffee, I watch Drag Race, I read and watch political dramas such as Borgia, The Handmaid’s Tale, Wolf Hall, Shakespeare, Game of Thrones, West Wing and Westworld, to name a few!

I love Durham for the endless ‘little worlds’ there are to discover: the architecture of the colleges, the follies around the riverbanks, the teashops and cafés, the secret bars and hidden pubs.

I’m keen on students getting together into communities to do things outside of the classroom: clubs, societies, music, drama, volunteering, fundraising, social action, and social enterprise, including the SU’s own commercial arm (bar, café, events, etc.)