Amelia Mcloughlan
Welfare and Liberation Officer She/her

A bit about me...

I am a dairy-free chocolate-eating, liberation-fighting, sarcastic-witted, dyslexic wheeling machine!

My favourite aspect of Durham is the diversity of students and the level of talent within the student body. There are students from across the globe and of all ages that are academically gifted, but also have amazing skills in everything from music, knitting, improvisation and tech. Every day we can learn something new and explore and grow as a student, no matter what your interests are or where your talents lie.

I am a social butterfly and therefore I personally love working on community projects, especially around women’s liberation and empowering the disabled community. I am interested in national policy, and I am and have been a member of various committees. I also coach wheelchair basketball and have previously trained for Paralympic fencing, although one of my favourite things is Netflix and hot chocolate!

The Welfare and Liberation Officer leads on policy and campaigns for welfare, wellbeing, housing and health. The role champions equality and diversity, by supporting both self-defining students and our Associations [LINK to Associations page] to come together and run campaigns. As Welfare and Liberation Officer I support student representatives to effectively improve welfare and liberation across the campus.