How to run to be an Officer

  1. Attend information sessions. Find out what being an Officer is all about.
  2. Nominate yourself by completing our online form.
  3. Attend our candidate training sessions.Candidate training is an important part of the election process and all candidates must attend. The training will cover election rules and regulations, campaigning and an overview of Durham Students’ Union.
  4. Submit your short and long manifesto.
  5. Learn how to market yourself. This includes getting your photo taken and creating a candidate video both of which will be done with the Durham SU marketing team.
  6. Time to campaign!
  7. Candidate Question and Answer session. The Q&A session is primarily focused around questions. You will have a chance to introduce yourself and your key manifesto points, but this will be short. Questions will be both presubmitted and taken from the audience, and the session will be shared on Facebook Live as it happens.