Election rules

Complaints must be forwarded to the Deputy Returning Officer no later than the close of voting. Full details of the complaints and appeals process are available in our Standing Orders.

To help candidates avoid election complaints, please see our guidance to the elections rules. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at dsu.governance@durham.ac.uk.

Voting and counting

  • Voting will take place in the form of an online ballot by the single transferable vote method (STV). Information on STV may be found on DeVote.
  • Voting will be held over four successive dates opening at 8:00 on the first day of voting and closing at 17:00 on the fourth day.
  • The Senior Returning Officer (this is an NUS member of staff, who will oversee the elections to ensure they are fair) may restrict voting if necessary to ensure the security and integrity of the ballot.
  • Mobile voting stations may be set up in Colleges, and managed by SU staff members, or volunteers. 
  • The vote count will be conducted on Union premises.
  • The count will be conducted after the close of the voting period only after all complaints relating to the conduct of the candidates, their campaigns and / or the count are resolved.
  • The confirmed results of the cross-campus election will be announced publicly in the Union and published on the Union website.


Candidates must account for all expenditure spent in support of their campaign on the election expenses form provided to candidates after they nominate themselves.

This must be returned to the Union’s reception by 17:00 on the final day of voting.

No candidate may incur expenditure beyond a maximum of £60. Candidates will be reimbursed for expenses up to £60, for which receipts must be provided.