#RippedOff - Cut College Costs

What is #RippedOff? 

#RippedOff is a response to college accommodation fees raising every year for the last nine years. Coordinated by the Students' Union, the campaign calls for the University to re-evaluate the costs to ensure that the collegiate experience of Durham University is accessible to all. 

What are the aims of the campaign?

We've already convinced the University to:

  • commit to an extensive review of accommodation fees that includes student consultation with a focus on:
    • Where the funds paid for accommodation fees are actually spent;
    • Pricing options including differential pricing;
    • Options to increase the number of returners;

Next term, we'll be calling for the University to:

  • Set 2018-2019 accommodation fees at what they would have been had the University been using RPI for the last nine academic years;
  • Increase of the Durham Grant and bursaries; and
  • Freeze accommodation fees until the conclusion of the review.

How can you support the campaign?

  • Sign our change.org petition here
  • You can share posts from our Facebook page here