Sam Johnson-Audini
NUS Delegate candidate


I’m Sam! I’m from Castle. I have spent my time at Durham fighting for students’ interests, both as the SU Undergraduate Academic Officer and the previous LGBT+ President, I know it is vital that the NUS listens to Durham students and our issues.

As an academic officer I see first-hand how the cost of a degree is a major barrier to education for so many- from international student fees, rising masters’ fees to increasing accommodation costs. Durham is not unique, across the sector students are getting priced out of higher education and our national union needs to take action to ensure everyone, regardless of background, can access higher education.

Last year I passed policy at NUS to protect student workers- but the problem continues. Student workers still find themselves with exploitative conditions and low pay. The conditions for the student volunteers picking up the slack from university expansion and staff cuts are not much better. Whether you are a frep, working part-time or doing a placement you deserve a national union that stands up for your working conditions and tackles exploitative measures.

Climate crisis is the defining issue of our generation and we need to act now to tackle it. Sector wide action on the environment is long overdue. I will fight for our national union to recognise the importance of climate justice, centre those most affected by the climate crisis, prioritise sustainability and support greater support for grassroots climate justice campaigns- like those we saw in our climate Strike.

I’m running as part of a team with Ewan Swift and Kate Hilton-Balfe because I know that we as a team have the experience and dedication to Durham students to represent us on a national stage. We will fight your fight at NUS and make sure your views are heard.