Romer Palad
NUS Delegate candidate


My name is Romer Palad and I’m a 2nd year chemistry student. I’m running with Kate Little to be your next NUS delegate.

I am someone who gets things done. As a DU Ambassador I have been at the forefront of representing the university in outreach and open days. I have chaired major events in college, and organised socials, formals and balls. I passionately believe in student issues and would fight for an NUS that truly represents our needs on the national stage.

A Different Student Body:

The NUS used to secure students council tax exemptions and a student railcard. It has now become dysfunctional. It can do better than being a pointless discount card and a partisan protest project. We deserve better.


As someone who’s a person of colour and a part of the LGBT community, I know what it feels like to be marginalised. It is no secret that the antisemitism scandals of the NUS have stained its reputation. We will vociferously support all liberation campaigns which seek to create a society that is more cohesive and eliminates discrimination.


The cost of living has been spiralling out of control, yet our own Vice-Chancellor has spent £25,000 on luxury flights. We are paying more for less. With grants slashed and rent taking up 3/4 of the maximum loan of students, we need an NUS that fights for a better deal.


Many Vice-Chancellors up and down the country have become overpaid, glorified mascots whose salaries and bonuses have reached stratospheric heights. When at least six VCs are paid more than three times the amount of the Prime Minister, something has gone wrong. We will demand transparency on what our tuition fees are truly paying for.

#VoteR&K for a real say!