Rachael Wanogho Onunkete
NUS Delegate candidate

Facebook - Rachael Wanogho


Hi Everyone, I’m Rachael, a Masters student and it would be an honour to represent the interests of Durham students at the 2020 NUS conference. As an international student far away from home I can often relate to the feeling of being sidelined against pressing national matters, hence, I would really appreciate this opportunity to be an agent of change.

One of the things I am most passionate about is community engagement and it is one of the major reasons I am running to be a delegate on the NUS team. If elected, I would represent not just the interests of International Students on the National stage but also to create a dialogue and bridge the gap between the international community and the nation.

A number of causes that I seek to address include;

  1. Increasing the number of scholarship opportunities available to prospective and current students at Durham University
  2. Dealing with the current increase in tuition fees of students, both domestic and international
  3. Increasing the number of academic representation at the Student Union level
  4. Encouraging and involving the students of Durham in more environment-friendly projects
  5. Provision of funds and support for the training of students in skills to increase their chances of employability

I strongly believe that every Durham student has a role to play in shaping our national policies because these policies ultimately affect the future of our generation. I hope to represent much of the objective voices from an African woman at the NUS. The foundation of my team drive is equality, fairness, transparency and inclusiveness to this community.