Laura Curran
NUS Delegate candidate


Hello! My name is Laura Curran, I’m a 3rd Year PPE student and SU Rep for Collingwood. I’m running to be an NUS Delegate alongside the Cuth’s SU Rep/Comms Officer, Caitlin Guibout.

I’ve been Collingwood’s SU Rep since Epiphany term 2018, in addition to holding Course Rep positions since first year. From this, I’m confident in my understanding of student issues, and I recognise the importance of fairly representing students. Moreover, my involvement in Collingwood JCR has given me a perspective on what truly matters to us students, which is essential for the role. My commitment to representing others is evident, and my experience and passion will equip me for the responsibilities of NUS Delegate.

Our three main priorities are:

  1. Student Support. Student life can be challenging. However, Universities such as Durham are not providing enough student support. Consequently, we will lobby the NUS to actively campaign for better student support in Universities. This includes sufficient staff and accessibility of counselling services, and compulsory Mental Health first aid training for all University staff.
  2. Fair Deals on Housing. The Durham housing market is shocking. Damp, mould, uncooperative landlords – students are being let down. Therefore, we will pressure the NUS to shift its focus onto students being given Fair Deals on housing, covering both price and quality. Because ‘student house cold’ shouldn’t be a thing.
  3. Make NUS Work for Durham. Durham is unique. However, from our student experience, to our uni-specific issues, the NUS doesn’t necessarily fit in. But this can change. We will ensure that Durham is represented, by providing the likes of drop-ins and anonymous surveys to listen to the views of Durham students before heading to Conference. Durham is just as important as any other University. The NUS must listen to us.

Putting U in NUS.