Kate Little
NUS Delegate candidate


My name is Kate Little and I’m a 2nd year History student at Josephine Butler! I’m running to be your NUS delegate, alongside Romer Palad. I like to get involved at University. I particularly enjoy University debating, and I love my role as an Assistant Welfare Officer at college.

Which brings me to two of the issues I am passionate about:

  1. Giving students a more powerful political voice
  2. Ensuring that Universities care about their students

Vote for Romer and Kate and we will give you a voice on:

We will advocate for reform for the NUS. It needs to be steered away from the crises and controversies it has become embroiled in, and towards becoming a more democratic and effective institution. Students need to be listened to. We need our voices to matter.

Let’s face it. Student accommodation fees are too high, and housing is a nightmare. The university experience is becoming too expensive, and we demand accountability for the way our fees are being spent. Departments are underfunded, lecturers are underpaid, and the student has become a statistic. Let’s change this.

Many students don’t know what the NUS does or how it’s run. This means it can get away with failing to be a proper effective national institution, as students understandably become apathetic about getting involved. The NUS is failing you. We will challenge that.

Student Welfare needs to be prioritised. Universities need to stop relying on teaching staff to provide mental health support. We need Universities to make sure support is qualified, accessible, and non-accusatory.

#VoteR&K for a real say