Kate Hilton-Balfe
NUS Delegate candidate


Hello! My name is Kate H-B, and I'm running to be an NUS Delegate with Sam and Ewan. As LGBT+ Vice President, it is my role to represent students at Durham, and it would be an honour to extend this to a national scale.

Having been involved in NUS welfare and liberation efforts - most recently by attending a workshop on Creating Anti-racist LGBT+ Spaces - I want to ensure welfare and liberation remains a central issue of the Union. The NUS must support efforts to make Higher Education more accessible and inclusive by hearing the demands of minority students.

The increasing cost of education particularly impacts international, postgraduate and working-class students. Also across the country, demand for student housing pushes local rent prices up. I want to oppose rising prices and support attempts to reduce the cost of Higher Education, so I will push NUS to campaign for all students’ right to affordable education.

Nationally, universities often exploit the goodwill of students and Durham is no exception. Everyone at Durham knows someone who volunteered to Frep and was exhausted by unethical practices and unreasonable expectations. As an NUS Delegate, I will fight to ensure student volunteers are treated fairly by universities nationwide and I will lobby to ensure all universities become Living Wage Employers.

Universities need to listen to students' calls for climate justice, recognise their contribution to the current climate crisis and enact real change nationwide. I will support measures to prioritise those most affected by climate change, demand effective sustainability measures and a commitment to making universities net carbon neutral.

I am running as a team with Sam and Ewan because we all have the experience and passion to fight for Durham students nationally. Vote Sam, Ewan and Kate H-B!