Ewan Swift
NUS Delegate candidate


Hey, I’m Ewan, an MA Philosophy student and the Senior Welfare Officer at Cuth’s! Being in my 4th year at Durham, and 2nd year as a Welfare Officer, I have first-hand experience of how crippling the current housing crisis is for student mental health. As an NUS Delegate, I will fight for nationwide action ensuring that student housing markets are regulated, that students know their rights as tenants, and that the quality of student housing is improved.

With the rising costs of both housing and education, more students are having to seek part-time work alongside their degrees and other commitments. A national union should support student workers by campaigning for universities to become Real Living Wage employers and ensure that students who work or volunteer for universities have suitable working conditions.

In addition, rising fees means that students are being priced out of higher education, disproportionately affecting working class, estranged and international students. This means that academia becomes more and more inaccessible for lesser privileged groups, resulting in less overall representation in higher education. I will call for action against fee increases to ensure that higher education is accessible to, and representative of, all students irrespective of background.

Finally, climate change threatens the future of our generation, and the disastrous effects of overconsumption and unsustainability the West has on the Global South are unacceptable. Therefore, the NUS and SU’s across the country must champion climate justice by holding universities accountable for their actions, demanding the implementation of effective sustainability measures and a commitment to carbon neutrality.

I’m running with a team committed to challenging the increasing cost of education, fighting for student workers’ rights and climate justice, and tackling the housing crisis. Vote Sam, Ewan, Kate HB!