Caitlin Guibout
NUS Delegate candidate


Hello, my name is Caitlin, I’m from Cuth’s, and I currently already represent students as JCR Communications Officer/SU Representative, and as Ripped Off President at Cuth’s too! I’m running alongside Laura Curran, the SU rep for Collingwood to represent Durham Students nationally.

Our three main priorities are:

  1. Student Support. Student support is essential to students’ well being so obviously should be one of our priorities. We will lobby the NUS to campaign for better student support in universities, including; counselling services to have less waiting times and be more available, more student support staff, and mandatory mental health training for all university staff.
  2. Fairer Deals on Housing. College is expensive, and not good value either. Private renting in Durham is just as bad. We overpay to live in houses filled with mould and cold. Having a place to live is an essential at university so we want to lobby the NUS to shift their focus onto making sure that all students have accommodation that they can afford and that’s of a good quality.
  3. Making the NUS Work in Durham. Durham is a unique university, and we are structured very differently, we have a different culture and our own unique problems too. We want to make sure that Durham’s unique voice is heard at conference, to make sure that the NUS no longer misses us out.

I am running because I want the SU and the NUS to recognise the way Durham works; JCR’s are hugely important, but they are missed out even in Durham, I can promise I will fight to make sure we are listened to. I have experience in both the JCR and the SU and am used to representing concerns of the students, and am committed to putting things right for Durham students.