Augustine Ihm
NUS Delegate candidate


My name is Augustine Ihm, I'm an African-American, LGBT+, Christian and student reading a Masters in Theology at St. John’s College. I want to be your NUS Delegate this year because I want to represent Durham values and priories on a national level. Throughout my time at Durham, I have been involved with inclusion committees, Durham4 refugees and had many roles on my College's JCR. In my professional life I have lobbied the US Government for equal legal protection and as a union rep. The NUS is an organization that can help make real change in the lives of students. In times of political and environmental uncertainly we need strong student presence representing all students.

If I am elected, I will ensure that every student’s voice is heard. Atheist to Muslim, Liberal to Conservative, Black and White, Brexist to Remain and woman to non-binary. I believe Durham needs a person who listens to all members of Durham not just one ounces with the loudest voice. Three priories are affordability, inclusion and environmental actions.

Year after year students find it hard to participate in post-secondary education because of challenges due to socio-economic background. Also, as our Climate continues to change we must make sure we are making sustainable actions NOW so we can have a tomorrow.

I hope you would entrust me with your vote so we can help Durham be at the forefront of vital change for every student in this university and beyond. I will also be back Alice Butler and Antonia Barber, an amazing spokesperson for the liberation of all students, for NUS Delegate and I hope you consider lending him your vote! #TheATeam