Antonia Barber
NUS Delegate candidate


Hello Durham students!

I’m Antonia Barber and I’m running for NUS Delegate alongside Alice Butler and Augustine Ihm. Throughout my time at Durham I have been heavily involved in the Durham Students’ Union as Chair, SU Representative for First Year Students and SU Representative for St John’s College. These roles have made me aware of the issues which really matter to Durham students and so this year we are asking for your support to represent Durham University at the NUS conference.

Our first priority: Universities need to ensure that our basic needs will be fulfilled when considering expansion.

Durham students are already facing the consequences of expansion which has placed services under pressure and unable to serve the student population sufficiently. The long wait for doctor’s appointments, the rising cost of housing and the dangerous overcrowding we face in nightclubs are only some of the issues created by overcrowding in University cities. We believe that ensuring Universities are able to provide their student population with the services they need is extremely important for the safety and wellbeing of students throughout the UK and should be made national policy.

Our second priority: Making University more affordable and accessible for all

We have been involved with the #RippedOff campaign which aims to tackle rising accommodation fees. Rising accommodation fees makes university an increasingly exclusive experience and this is something we would like to continue to tackle at a national level as this is impacting students, not only in Durham, but throughout the UK.

Our third priority: Lobbying Universities and government to accept and act on the Climate Crisis

We would push for further change in climate policy and campaign for the earth to be protected for our futures.

Vote for Antonia, Alice and Augustine for NUS! #TheATeam