Amelia McLoughlan
NUS Delegate candidate


Hi! I’m Amelia, your currently elected Welfare & Liberation Officer. I have been an active member of the student community both as an undergraduate and postgraduate. Having represented Durham at liberation conferences, I know that NUS Conference is the only place where you can lobby policy nationally which influences every Durham student’s experience. I believe NUS should be working on the issues that you care about, and if elected I will use my position to write policy and vote to:

  • Support policies that improve equality for Durham students and the ensure that ongoing work of the liberation officers within NUS, which continues to be under threat, is secured.
  • Elevate student voices across the country demanding that the culture of Sexual Violence on our campuses be dismantled and a serious, well-funded and timely approach to investigating reports becomes the norm.
  • Propose that NUS aide us in lobbying for a national set of standards for Mental Health & Student Support Provision, which prevents universities from providing inadequate services for students with disabilities, marginalised groups and those in mental health distress at any point of their studies, no matter where they are studying.

As a sabbatical officer, it is frustrating that so many of the issues Durham students face, are national problems. From the cost of our education to the mental health crisis, climate change and hate crime – we urgently need an overwhelming and national voice in order to pressure our University and make the changes we need on the ground. Everyday. For every Durham student.

Vote David, Jess & Amelia.