Alice Butler
NUS Delegate candidate


Hi, I’m Alice and I am 1/3 of #TheATeam. Augustine, Antonia and I are passionate about Durham and the students here. We would be honoured to represent you at NUS Conference.

Why me?

I am currently the Student Union Liaison Officer on St John’s college executive team. This lets me engage with other students to gather their opinions of University Life and feed-back their issues and ideas to the SU. I have past experience in dealing with conferences and unions, having been on many Trade Union marches both in London and Durham. These experiences have shown me how people can come together to create great change.

What do #TheATeam stand for?

  1. Raising awareness of the dangers and issues with University Expansion. Whether it’s the long wait for doctors’ appointments, the rising cost of housing or the dangerous overcrowding of nightclubs, expansion at Durham University is becoming a serious issue for students. We believe that students have a right to feel provided for and safe at their university and the wellbeing of students should be made National policy.
  2. Making University more affordable and accessible for all. After being involved in the #RippedOff campaign, we understand that rising accommodation fees make University an increasingly exclusive experience and this is something we would like to take on at a national level.
  3. Lobbying Universities and government to accept and act on the Climate Crisis. I’m sure you’re aware the planet is dying but the people in the most powerful positions are continually refusing to accept this. This. Is. Not. Ok. At the Durham Climate Strike, we saw that the students here want to see change and therefore we would push for a better climate policy and campaign for the earth to be protected for our futures.

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