Who might be able to help support the campaign?

  • Durham SU - Your first contact should always be us, here at the Students' Union. We have the time, information and expertise to help you get your campaign underway, get in contact at dsu.engagement@durham.ac.uk.
  • Campaigning Student Groups - There are a number of societies at the Union devoted to political and causes activities. It is likely that one of these groups may be interested in helping furthering your campaigning efforts. These groups may be able to support you with gathering support and funding for your campaign.
  • Local/National Campaign Groups - If no society is in place, chances are there will be a charity, pressure group or other organisation based either locally or nationally who will be interested. If you need any help contacting anyone, get in touch with us and we'll be happy to help out.
  • Student/Local/National Media – Student Media is a great way to highlight the issues of your campaign, you can either provide them with a press release or ask them if you can create your own article – media groups can be found here. The North East also has some local newspapers, such as the Chronicle and The Northern Echo who may be interested to hear from you, especially if your campaign will have an impact locally.