Student Group Registration for 2020-2021 opens 27th April! 

Click here to access and complete the registration form. 

Here are all of the documents that you will need as part of registration, please have these ready to upload into your form:

  • Student Group Constitution - If your group registered last year you will already have a completed constitution, if you don't have a copy saved then your exec can access a copy on your Student Group Dashboard on our website by selecting the "Manage Webpages" button and clicking on the "Resources" tab, you can then upload a copy of this into your registration form. Instructions on how to log in and access the dashboard can be found here. If your exec don't have access to your group dashboard then please email so the team can give the access needed. 
  • Annual Plan - This needs to be completed by the incoming exec as you will need to give information about what events / activities you are planning for the group, along with any development needs for the exec and objectives for the coming year. A template Annual Plan has been completed to help you populate your group's plan and can be found here
  • Annual Risk Assessment - We have created a template risk assessment for all groups to complete for any regular activities / meetings that groups have to do (AGM's/ GM's / Committee meetings etc), please download the Annual Risk Assessment template from the folder, update it and upload into your application. If your group does any other regular activities (weekly dance classes, regular trips etc) that is not covered under this template then we have created some more templates for other regular activities that can be found in the same folder, along with a hazard checklist that you can find here. Please download the relevant template for your activity, complete it using the hazard checklist to make sure that you've included all risks, and upload a copy into your application, along with the Annual Risk Assessment. If your group does any one-off activities (one-off socials, balls, trips etc) please do not include these on these risk assessments, these should be submitted separately as and when these events happen.
  • Student Groups Data Protection Checklist
  • Student Group Agreement
  • Equipment Inventory


The registration process is outlined below: