Do you have an idea to make change?

Raise Your Voice is a super easy way for you to tell the SU about your ideas for change, whether it’s beanbags in Dunelm House, more water fountains across campus or a cause you are passionate about.

Big or small we want to hear your ideas that could help improve your student experience.

If you have any questions about how Raise Your Voice works contact our Campaigns Coordinator:

How does it work?


Submit your idea: An idea is anything you think the SU should be doing. When submitting your idea keep it as clear and simple as possible!

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Time to vote: For an idea to pass and get implemented students need to vote in favour of it. An idea needs 25 likes to pass.

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Behind the scenes: If your idea reaches the threshold you will be invited to a meeting to discuss the next steps.

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Implementation: Once an idea has passed the SU will work to implement it!