Intersectional Feminism

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Durham Intersectional Feminism Society is an open and inclusive feminism community, providing members with the opportunity to engage on issues intersecting within feminism. We work closely with College FemSocs, Associations, Societies and External organisations including Sisters of Frida, Be North and SWARM (Sex Workers Advocacy and Resistance Movement) to ensure we are addressing different issues intersecting within feminism. This includes but is not limited to, race, class, gender, disability, sexuality, as well as advocating pro-choice and the decriminalisation of sex work in the UK. This year the society was also shortlisted in the National Society Awards for Best Society of the Year!

We operate as a community, giving members the chance to help direct what we do throughout the year. We provide a wide range of events, including opportunities to discuss, research, campaign and socialise. One big change has been the introduction of our Liberation reps allowing new members to get more involved with 15+ liberation rep roles and committees to be involved with. We also have a number of autonomous campaigns and groups including:

o Quirk- our official intersectional feminism zine providing members with the chance to get involved either on the Quirk team or in submitting your own work for publication;

o Craftivism Group - providing members with the chance to help literally shape our campaigns whilst learning new skills in arts and crafts in a relaxed environment;

o Intersectional Feminist Book Club - meets fortnightly to discuss books and articles selected from members feedback, as well as organise larger events around members interests, including but not limited to open mic nights, discussion panels and feminism trips;

Yes All Men Group - intersectional men's group within our society, which aims to address issues impacting men within a patriarchal system, such as rigid gender norms, toxic masculinity, mental health.


Over the last year, the society has organised a wide range of events including:

o Genderosion Pride which helped fundraise over £100 with Durham Trans Association for Be: Trans Support and Development;

o Global Feminism Awareness Week with a number of workshops on 'Sappho's Voice', Neoliberal Welfare in Higher Education, a joint film screening of Tangerine with Durham People of Colour Association;

o Joint National Period Pride celebration with a fundraiser to help support local food banks and shelters;

o Co-organising our first Reclaim the Night March for Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week;

o Taking part in protests against NEI and Trump's Travel Ban with placard making workshop and working collectively with Associations;

o Organised our first Summer Feminism Festival with workshops lead by different organisations and speakers covering intersectionality, disability activism, sex worker 101 and Bi+ liberation and history. 

We have also worked closely with NUS Women's Campaign and University Feminism Societies in creating a Northern Feminism Network, which aims to link together the work we do as societies and provide opportunities for greater collaboration. One project we're currently working on is a Northern Feminism Festival for March 2019 in Manchester. 


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