Aikido Shurenkan (Budo Society)

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At Aikido Shurenkan (The student body of which exists as Durham Budo Society) we study two different martial arts: Yoshinkan Aikido, and Kenjutsu.

Yoshinkan Aikido is an unarmed system of combat that originated in Japan. Practitioners use a variety of throws and joint locks to control an attacker. Aikido is practiced with a partner rather than an opponent, and an emphasis is placed on helping each other to learn in a collaborative environment. It is nevertheless a great way to get active, and a formidable form of self defence taught to the Tokyo riot police.

Kenjutsu is traditional Japanese swordsmanship. It is not only a martial art, but a living part of Japanese cultural and military history, boasting techniques that have been taught for over 500 years.Our syllabus is broad and covers not only the Japanese sword, but other weapons, such as staves, polearms, and thrown weapons, as well as elements of traditional strategy.Training is fun and widely varied. One session might focus on quick sword drawing techniques, known as iai, whilst another might focus on unarmed grappling.

A great emphasis is also placed on the spirit and ettiquette of Budo, and students work hard to uphold the high standards this entails. Both Aikido and Kenjutsu are fun, engaging, and challenging activities that can be enjoyed by anyone, and many practitioners continue to enjoy training for many years.

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