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9 - 15 October

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17 October

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17 January

Refreshers Fair

Name Category
AIESEC Political / Causes
Accounting and Finance Academic
Aerial Arts Active
Aerobics Active
African and Caribbean International / Faith
Aikido Active
Ale Appreciation Hobbies / Games
Amnesty International Political / Causes
Angling Active
Anglo-Japanese International / Faith
Animal rights Welfare Political / Causes
Anthropology Academic
Applied Psychology Academic
Applied Social Science Academic
Arab Society International / Faith
Archaeology Academic
Argentine Tango Active
Arthur Holmes Geological Academic
Art and Life Drawing Arts / Music
Assassin's Hobbies / Games
Arts & Humanities Society Academic
Astronomical Academic
Baking Hobbies / Games
Ballet Company Arts / Music
Ballroom and Latin American Dancing  Active
Bar Academic
Belly dancing Active
Biological Science Academic
Blood Political / Causes
Breakdance Active
Bridge Hobbies / Games
British Sign Language Political / Causes
Buckfast Hobbies / Games
Business Academic
Caledonian Active
Calisthenics Active
Catholic International / Faith
Champagne Hobbies / Games
Change Ringers Hobbies / Games
Chemistry Academic
Chess Hobbies / Games
Chinese Christian Fellowship International / Faith
Chinese Student and Scholars Association Political / Causes
Chocolate Hobbies / Games
Christian Union International / Faith
Cider Society Hobbies / Games
Classics Academic
Cocktail Hobbies / Games
Coffee Hobbies / Games
Computing Academic
Conservation Hobbies / Games
Conservative Political / Causes
Consulting Academic
Coppafeel Political / Causes
Creative Writing Arts / Music
Cypriot Society International / Faith
Dancesport Active
Days for Girls Political / Causes
Documentary Arts / Music
Dodgeball Active
DUCK Charity
Duke of Edinburgh Award Political / Causes
Durham for Refugees Political / Causes
Durham Society for Economic Pluralism Academic
Durham Students for Ashinaga Political / Causes
Durham Students to Fiji International / Faith
Eastern European Students International / Faith
Economics Academic
Education Academic
Electric Motorsport Academic
Engineering Academic
Engineers with Borders Academic
English Literature Academic
Enhance Legal Access (ELSA) Academic
Equaestrian Active
Erasmus and Exchange International / Faith
E-Sports Hobbies / Games
Feminist Political / Causes
Field Game Society Active
Film Media
Finance Academic
First Aid Political / Causes
Fitness Active
Folk Arts / Music
Football Supporters Hobbies / Games
Freefall Active
Free Market Academic
French Academic
Game of Thrones Hobbies / Games
Games Society Hobbies / Games
General Larp Hobbies / Games
Geographical Academic
Geology for Global Development Political / Causes
German Academic
Gin Hobbies & Games
Gliding Active
Glitter Hobbies / Games
Go Hobbies / Games
Gospel Choir Arts / Music
Guinness Hobbies / Games
Guitar Hero and Rock Band Hobbies / Games
Harry Potter Hobbies / Games
Heads UP Durham Political / Causes
He for She Political / Causes
Hellenic Society International / Faith
Hill Walking Active
Hispanic International / Faith
History Academic
Home Brewing Hobbies / Games
Hong Kong International / Faith
Hong Kong Public Affairs and Social Service Political / Causes
Hula Hooping Active
Humanist International / Faith
Improvised Comedy (Shellshock) Arts / Music
Indian International / Faith
Indoneisian International / Faith
In-Step Active
Inter Alia Academic
International Development and One Political / Causes
International Students' Association
Islamic International / Faith
Italian International / Faith
It Happens Here Political / Causes
Jazz Arts / Music
Jewish International / Faith
Joint Anglican and Methodist Society International / Faith
Kendo Active
Kink Hobbies / Games
Korea International / Faith
Krav Maga Society Active
Kurdish International / Faith
Labour Club Political / Causes
Latin Social Dance Active
Law Academic
Lego Hobbies / Games
LGBT+ Association
Liberal Thinkers Political / Causes
Magic Hobbies / Games
Malayasian International / Faith
Manga and Anime Hobbies / Games
Marketing Academic
Marrow Political / Causes
Mature Students Association
Marxist Political / Causes
Mathematical Academic
Meditation Hobbies / Games
Mexican International / Faith
Mixed Martial Arts Hobbies / Games
Model Westminster Political / Causes
Mooting Academic
Nigerian International / Faith
Nightline Political / Causes
Northern International / Faith
Origami Arts / Music
Orthodox Christian International / Faith
Palatinate Media
People and Planet Political / Causes
People of Colour Association Association
Philosophical Academic
Philosophy . Politics . Economics Academic
Photographic Arts / Music
Physics Academic
Poetry Arts / Music
Pokemon Hobbies / Games
Poker Hobbies / Games
Pole Dancing Active
Polish International / Faith
Politics and International Relations Academic
Pro Bono Academic
Psychology Academic
Purple Radio Media
Quaker International / Faith
Quidditch Active
Quiz Hobbies / Games
Real Tennis Active
Science Journalism Academic
Rock Arts / Music
Romanian International / Faith
Russian Speaking International / Faith
Saudi International / Faith
Scandinavian International / Faith
Science Fiction Hobbies / Games
Science Journalism Academic
Scout and Guide Hobbies / Games
Scuba Diving Active
SEDS Academic
Sewing Arts / Music
Sexpression Political / Causes
Singapore International / Faith
Skills Exchange Political / Causes
Slacklining Active
Speleological Active
Student Energy Political / Causes
Students with Disabilities Association Association
Swing Active
Talk Politics Political / Causes
Teach First Political / Causes
Tea Society Hobbies / Games
Thai International / Faith
Thai Boxing Active
The Bubble Media
The Definate Article Hobbies / Games
Durham Dutchies International / Faith
Theology Academic
Think Tank Political / Causes
Trading and Investment Academic
Treasure Trap Hobbies / Games
Turkish International / Faith
United Nations Political / Causes
Vegetarian and Vegan Political / Causes
Vinyl Records Hobbies / Games
Welsh International / Faith
Werewolf Hobbies / Games
Whisky Hobbies / Games
Wine Hobbies / Games
Wing Chun Kung Fu Active
Women in Business Academic
Womein Science Academic
World Cinema Arts / Music
Yoga and Pilates Active
Young Greens Political / Causes

The ISA integrates students of all nationalities by organising/sharing events for YOU! ♥

Executive Committees for 2016 - 2017:

President: Adeline Chow

Vice President: Muzi Xu

Treasurer: Emily Wong

Secretary: Menggelisha

Social Secretaries: Nicole Lam and Magdolna Molnar

PR Officer: Nathaniel Chan

College Coordinator: Bindhu Unni

QC Rep: Teddy Davie

Join International

The LGBT+ Association aims to provide regular social events, representation, campaigns and welfare services for students who self-define as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, and all other students who self-define under the LGBT+ umbrella.

This includes, but is not limited to; homosexual, bisexual, transgender, genderqueer, genderfluid, genderflux, agender, asexual, pansexual, polysexual, intersex, non-binary, aromantic, biromantic, panromantic, homoromantic, polyamorous persons, those who are uncertain of or questioning their gender identity, romantic orientation, or sexual orientation, and any other individual with a gender identity, romantic orientation, or sexual orientation which is not simultaneously heterosexual, heteroromantic and cisgender.

a) Offer welfare support to students who self-define under the LGBT+ umbrella.

b) Provide opportunities for the same students to meet each other and socialise in a safe and non-judgmental environment;

c) Provide information on sexuality-, romantic-, and gender identity-related issues to any students or other individuals who seek it;

d) Represent the views of service-users of the Association to all relevant bodies, including Durham SU;

e) Advise Durham SU on matters relating, or potentially relating, to sexuality, gender identity or service-users of the Association;

f) Liaise with other organisations in the local area and beyond with a social, welfare or campaigning function on behalf of LGBT+ people;

g) Raise mutual awareness and understanding between LGBT+ students and other members of the University;

h) To promote the equal treatment of and rights for LGBT+ people in society more generally;

i) Organise LGBT+ awareness events, through the form of an annual awareness week and/or LGBT+ history month; and

j) To fulfil all the requirements made in the Durham SU Standing Orders of the LGBT+ Association.
Join Group

Association of Durham University mature students. To provide a community space and support for mature students.

Join Group

The Students with Disabilities Association (SwDA) exists to provide representation and support for members of Durham University who identify as having a disability. SwDA is a completely student-led group framed within Durham Student Union, with the assistance of the Community Officer.

The aims of the Association are to represent and support students who identify as having a disability throughout the greater student community, regardless of whether they have disclosed that disability. This representation is essential at all levels of the University to ensure a supportive and inclusive environment for all. As such, SwDA strides to develop relationships with key staff members in addition to engaging the student body.

Join Group

Durham People of Colour Association aims to provide representation and support for students of Durham University who identify as a person of colour.

Durham POCA serves as a safe, welcoming space for people of colour to access confidential welfare services, meetings and talks, social events, campaigns, and education on race-related issues, as well as facilitate greater racial dialogue and awareness on campus.

Join Group


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