Start a Student Group

If you are interested in starting a new society you should contact a member of the Opportunities team through, to talk through your idea.

It's not as hard as you may think, plus you'll receive help from Union staff throughout the process and after as a ratified group.

You should consult the list of existing student groups here to see if a similar society already exists - we are unable to accept duplicate groups.
To help you consider whether affiliation to Durham Students’ Union is the best place for your group please check out our Student Group Agreement which must be followed by all Student Groups. This agreement also details what you can expect from Durham Students’ Union if you successfully affiliate to us.

Before applying:

- You should have determined the group's aims and objectives.

- You should contact any similar existing groups to discuss whether there would be any conflicts or concerns.

- You will need to have a president, treasurer and secretary.

- You should seek out other interested students to demonstrate support for the group.

1. Submit your registration form

read the guidance provided and ask any questions to the Opportunities team before completing and submitting the Student Groups Registration form. Registration forms can be submitted at any time of the year however the time taken to make a decision on your application will vary depending on the date you submit the form.

2. Complete the development meeting

This is an informal meeting with a member of the Opportunities team where you will be able to answer any questions, go through your development plan for the first year, discuss any constitutional amendments you may require to the template constitution, firm up your general activities risk assessment and make yourself aware of the training opportunities available to you and your committee. We will also ask questions on your registration form if we require any further or missing details.

3. Your Constitution will be sent to Student Groups Committee

The committee will consider the Constitution and decide whether to ratify or reject the groups application. If your application is rejected an Opportunities team member will explain the reasons why your application was rejected and wherever possible work with you to resubmit a revised application for ratification.
If your group is ratified you will be invited to an induction session, which you must attend in order to be eligible for a start-up grant.