Give it a Go


Every term our student groups give you a chance to try something different, with our Give it a Go programme.

This allows you to try activities without committing to a subscription.

If your society would like to host an event please complete the form in the Signup tab above.

There is a budget of up to £60 available for each Give it a Go session.

This £60 is made up of:

- Up to £30 for expenses for the Give it a Go session

- A further £30 for gathering feedback from participants and for completing a planning and evaluation form.

Required Information

What to send us:

- A photo of your society, Preferably this photo should show the activity that your GIAG session will be doing but if a photo of this kind is unavailable any photo of your group will do. We can use this to promote your event through Instagram and Twitter to show people what you are doing or what a fun group of people you are.

What you need to do:

- Check that the event on the Students’ Union website is correct and if not contact us to make the changes. Please do this in plenty of time before of your activity as events are made well in advance and are open to students to reserve tickets from the start of term.

- Share any social media that we put out for you for you (retweet, share status etc). The more people who interact with our posts will enable more potential attendees to see that your activity is taking place.

What we will do:

- Make an event on the website for people to sign up to

- Inform you how many people have signed up and send participants a reminder email 

- Provide the Give it a Go logo which you can use on your social media and emails

- Post at least one Facebook post will go out each week about that week’s GIAG activities

- Post at least one tweet.

- If you provide us with pictures we will share these on Instagram.

- Retweet any tweets that we are mentioned (tagged) in.

After the event

- We would love for you to send us information and pictures about how your activity went so we can put this on the website and share through our social channels.


Give it a go week is 8th October - 14th October. You can sign up here to host a session.


1. I’d like to put on a Give it a Go activity but my event will cost money. Can the Union provide any financial support? Yes, you can claim up to £30 to cover expenses and we also offer and additional £30 if you ensure participants complete feedback forms.

2. What can the expenses £30 be spent on? The £30 expenses money can be spent on anything in which you need to run your Give it a Go session. This is designed to cover your overheads, so you can put the event on as a free of charge event for students to participate in.

3. What can the extra £30 be spent on? This can be spent on anything which your society would like to spend it on. This £30 is an incentive to plan your event well, evaluate it and gather feedback. So when you are rewarded with it you can spend it how you want within your society (in line with student group guidelines). It does not have to be used on Give it a Go activities.

4. When will my society receive the funds from the Students Union for the Give it a Go session? After your event/activity the Students Union will look at the planning and evaluation form and how much feedback you have received from participants and decide whether you will be rewarded the extra £30. If you receive the £30 or the maximum amount of £60 you will receive this money into your society’s account within one week submitting your claim and feedback forms.

5. Are non-Durham students allowed to attend Give it a Go sessions? Yes. Anyone can attend the Give it a Go sessions. Everyone who is planning on going to an event/activity needs to sign up via the event on the Durham Students’ Union website. They will need to register but this is a quick process and will allow them to sign up to events straight after the registration is complete. Events should generally focus on attracting non-members to participate.

6. Can our society run a Give it a Go event at Queen’s Campus? Yes. We encourage societies to include all students which also means students at Queen’s Campus. We can help arrange an event or activity there as much as possible.

7. Can people come to our society’s Give it a Go session without signing up on the website? Participants should ideally sign up via the website so that we are aware of numbers so that venues don’t exceed the maximum capacity and people are not disappointed if they are unable to participate. However, if there is room in the activity/event then they will not be refused permission to attend, we just ask you record their attendance.

8. When filling out transaction forms for items purchased with the £30 expenses budget - is the funding source 'Union funds', or do we need to fill out a separate form to claim expenses using this money? Use the funding source ‘Union Funds’.

9. I’d like to put on a Give it a Go event, but it’s part way through term and sign-up has shut, can I still host an event? We can add events at any time. Please contact us on with details.