One of the University’s more modern colleges, founded in 1965, Van Mildert College is named after William Van Mildert (1765-1836), the last Prince Bishop of Durham. An Englishman of Dutch descent, he was instrumental in the founding of Durham University in 1832 and his castle is the present University College. His portrait hangs in Van Mildert Dining Hall, which is the largest in Durham. From his episcopal arms come the distinctive crossed scythe blades, on a red shield, of the college’s coat of arms. In 1972, Van Mildert became the first mixed-gender College in Durham, admitting its first intake of women in October 1972. Today, Van Mildert is one of Durham’s largest Colleges, accommodating over 1,000 staff, students and tutors. Van Mildert’s motto is Sic vos non vobis – ‘Not for yourselves’.

We spoke to Van Mildert’s Senior Freshers’ Rep Union Rep, Kate Russell, to find out a little more about the college.

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