Freshers Fair Resources


The Freshers’ Fair is 11:00-18:00 both days. We’ll be opening the SU early for a quiet half hour (10.30-11:00) for those students who might benefit from having time to look round the fair when it is less busy. If you think this would help you, you can sign up for an early slot here. Elvet Riverside will not be open until 11:00.

Info for Student Groups

Stallholder guide

Expression of interest

You will be allowed to arrive one hour before the fair opens in order to set up. If you have ordered parcels and printing, they will be at your stall when you arrive (or shortly after!).

You are NOT allowed to give out alcohol on your stall. 

Please print off the above template to collect email addresses. 

You can find your stall location below:

Room Stall
Vane Tempest 180 Degrees Consulting
Vane Tempest Aerial Arts Society
Kingsgate Aerobics Society
ER145 Aikido Club
Kingsgate Ballet Company
Vane Tempest Bar Society 
Kingsgate Benchball society
Kingsgate Breakdance Society
Vane Tempest British Sign Language Society
Kingsgate Budo Society
ER145 Calisthenics Society
Riverside Charity Fashion show
Vane Tempest Computing
Riverside Connect
Vane Tempest Consulting Society
ER145 Cookies
Vane Tempest Corporate Governance in the New Economy 
Kingsgate Dancesport Team
Riverside DH1 Records
Kingsgate Dodgeball society
 C Level DUCK Challenges
 C Level 4 DUCK Endurance 
 C Level 2 DUCK Expeditions
Riverside Durfest
Riverside Durham Student Film
Vane Tempest East Asian Economics, Political and Social
Vane Tempest Economic Pluralism
Vane Tempest ELSA
ER145 Estranged Students
Vane Tempest Financial Technology Society
Kingsgate Fitness Society
Kingsgate Freefall Club
Kingsgate Gliding
Kingsgate Hillwalking Society
Kingsgate Ice-skating society
Kingsgate Instep Dance Society
ER145 International Students Association
ER145 Kendo Club
ER145 Krav Maga Society
Vane Tempest Laidlaw Society
Kingsgate Latin Social Dance Society
Vane Tempest Law Review
ER145 LGBT+ Association
ER145 Mature Student Association 
ER145 Mixed Martial Arts
Vane Tempest Mooting Society
Riverside Nightline
Riverside Oxfam
Riverside Palatinate
ER145 People of Colour Association
Kingsgate Pole Dancing society
Vane Tempest Pro Bono Society
Riverside Purple Radio
Kingsgate Quidditch Club
Kingsgate Real Tennis Club
Kingsgate Scuba Diving Society
Vane Tempest SEDs
Kingsgate Skateboarding Society
Kingsgate Speleological Association
ER145 Students with Disabilities Association
Kingsgate Swing Society
ER145 Thai Boxing Society
Riverside The Bubble
Riverside The Definite Article 
Riverside The Durham Scientist
Vane Tempest Trading and Investment
ER145 Trans Association
ER145 Wing Chun Kung Fu
Vane Tempest Women in Business
Vane Tempest Women in STEM
ER145 Women's Association 
ER145 Working Class Students' Association
Kingsgate Yoga and Pilates Society
Room Stall Room Stall
Vane Tempest Accounting & Finance Society Kingsgate Indian Society
Kingsgate African Caribbean Society ER145 International Development and ONE
ER145 Amazon Rainforest Initiative ER145 International Students Association
Kingsgate Anglo-Japanese Society ER145 Intersectional Feminism Society 
ER143 Anime Society Kingsgate Irish Society
Vane Tempest Anthropology Society  Kingsgate Islamic Society
Vane Tempest Applied Social sciences ER145 It's NOT OK
Kingsgate Arab Society ER148 Jazz Society
Vane Tempest Archaeology Society Kingsgate Jewish Society
ER144 Art Society Kingsgate Joint Anglican & Methodist Society
Vane Tempest Arthur Holmes Geological  ER147 JUSTICE Society 
ER143 Assassins Society ER148 Kink Society
Vane Tempest Astronomical Society Kingsgate Korea Society
ER147 BEAT Society  ER148 K-pop and K-drama Society
Kingsgate Benelux Society ER146 Labour Club
Vane Tempest Biosciences society Kingsgate Latin American Society
ER147 BloodSoc Vane Tempest Law Society
ER144 Bridge Club ER143 Lego Society
ER144 Bubble Tea SocieTEA ER145 LGBT+ Association
Vane Tempest Business Society ER146 Liberal Democrats
ER144 Caledonian Society  Kingsgate Malaysian Society
Kingsgate Catholic Society ER143 Manga Society
ER144 Champagne Society ER147 Marrow
ER144 Change Ringers ER146 Marxist Society
Riverside Charity Fashion show Vane Tempest Mathematical Society
Vane Tempest Chemistry ER145 Mature Student Association 
ER144 Chess ER148 Meditation Society 
ER146 Chinese Christian Fellowship ER147 MedLife
Kingsgate Chinese Students and Scholars Kingsgate Mexican Society
ER144 Chinese Tea Art Society Kingsgate Nigerian Society
ER144 Chocolate Society Riverside Nightline
Kingsgate Christian Union Kingsgate Northern Society
ER143 Circus Society ER148 Paint & Sip
Vane Tempest Classics Society Kingsgate Pakistan Society
ER144 Conservation Riverside Palaeontological Society 
ER146 Conservative Association Riverside Palatinate
ER147 CoppaFeel! ER146 People and Planet
ER144 Creative Writing Society  ER145 People of Colour Association
Kingsgate Czech and Slovak Society ER145 Period Positive Durham 
Riverside DH1 Records ER149 Photography Society
ER147 Diabetes Society Riverside Physics Society
ER145 Dignity in Dying ER149 Poetry Society
ER144 Disney Society ER143 Pokémon
ER144 DJ society ER149 Poker Society
ER143 Doctor Who ER146 Polish Society
 C Level 3 DUCK Challenges ER146 Political Consultancy Group
 C Level 4 DUCK Endurance  Riverside Politics & International Relations
 C Level 2 DUCK Expeditions ER149 Psychedelic Society
ER147 Durham for Refugees Riverside Psychology Society
Riverside Durham Student Film ER149 Punting Society
Vane Tempest Economics Society Riverside Purple Radio
Vane Tempest Education Society ER149 Quiz Society
ER146 Effective Altruism ER149 Rock Society
Vane Tempest Engineering Society Kingsgate Romanian Society 
ER147 Engineers Without Borders  Kingsgate Russian Speaking Society 
Vane Tempest English Literature Society Kingsgate Satanic Society
Kingsgate Erasmus and Exchange Society ER143 Sci-fi & Fantasy society
ER143 Esports ER147 Scout and Guide
ER145 Estranged Students ER149 Scripted Comedy Society
Kingsgate Filipino Society  ER149 Sewing Society
Vane Tempest Finance Society  ER145 Sexpression
ER146 First Aid/LINKS ER149 Student Energy
ER144 Folk Society ER149 Students for Life
ER144 Football Supporters Society ER149 Students for Sensible Drugs
ER148 Free Market Association ER147 Students to Fiji
Vane Tempest French society ER145 Students with Disabilities Association
ER149 Friends of David Nott Riverside SU Stall
ER143 Games Society ER149 Talk Politics Durham
ER143 General Larp Society ER149 The 93% Club
Vane Tempest Geographical Society Riverside The Bubble
Kingsgate German Society Riverside The Definite Article 
ER148 Gin Society Riverside The Durham Scientist
ER147 Global Health Durham  ER145 Trans Association
ER143 Guitar Hero and Rock Band ER143 Treasure Trap
ER143 Harry Potter Society ER149 Try Everything Once Society
ER147 Heads Up Kingsgate Turkish Society 
ER147 Heartbeats ER145 United Nations Society
ER145 HeForShe  ER145 United Nations Women
ER147 Helambu Education & Livelihoods Project ER149 Vegetarian and Vegan Society
Kingsgate Hispanic Society  ER143 Werewolf Society
Vane Tempest History Society ER149 Wine Society
Kingsgate Hong Kong Public Affairs & Social Service  ER145 Women for Women International
Kingsgate Hong Kong Society ER145 Women's Association 
ER148 Horror Society ER145 Working Class Students' Association
ER148 Hummus Society ER149 World Cinema Society
Kingsgate Hungarian Society ER149 Young Europeans Durham
ER148 Improvised Comedy Society