Your candidates

You’ve probably noticed that this year’s Student Officer elections are taking place during UCU strike action. UCU are fully supportive of the SU elections and encourage students to engage in elections activities.

Every year, several students put themselves forward to lead the SU. Each student is running for one of the five different Student Officer roles, which look after everything from postgrads to student groups.

Find out how your candidates plan to make the future better for students below. And vote from 08:00 23 February until 17:00 26 February.

You can also find out about the students running to be Student Trustees. They make sure the SU works within the law, and keep an eye on our finances and strategic direction. You can vote for these at the same time as your Student Officers. Scroll down or use the list below to find out about their relevant experience.


Student Officer - President

Your successfully elected President will be the main spokesperson for the Students’ Union and the highest student representative in Durham.

Student Officer - Welfare and Liberation

Whoever you elect as Welfare and Liberation Officer will work to ensure student life is fairer and every student has the same opportunities.

Student Officer - Opportunities

Your next Opportunities Officer will support and campaign for student opportunities outside of academics, including student groups and media, as well as the Union’s bar and events.

Student Officer - Undergraduate Academic

Your successfully elected Undergraduate Academic Officer will represent undergraduate students' academic interests.

Student Officer - Postgraduate Academic

Your next Postgraduate Academic Officer will represent postgraduate students' academic interests.


The four Trustees you elect will sit on Durham SU’s Board of Trustees, which is the governing body of the Union. Trustees help set the long term plans and direction of the SU, make sure we use our finances well and that we’re working within the law.