Saul Cahill



My name is a Saul and I’m a 3rd year PPE student from Grey. Here are a few reasons why you #BetterCallSaul for UG Academic Officer:

Increasingly, university libraries across the country are opening 24/7 during term time with Newcastle, Northumbria and Teesside all offering 24-hour service in the North East. At Durham, however, recent staffing shortages have seen opening times reduced further still. If elected, I’ll fight to not only return to full service as soon as possible, but to move to the library being open 24/7 so that we can have peace of mind in knowing our library will always be open when we need it.

Different departments are infuriatingly inconsistent when it comes to assessment submissions. Having to hand in paper copies for formative assessments when summatives are submitted online is annoying. Being told to hand in paper copies alongside online submissions is downright baffling. When you’re studying across multiple departments with multiple submission rules, it’s even worse. If elected, I will push for all departments to move to online only submissions for both formative and summative assessments so that we can have the clarity and simplicity we need to make assessment deadlines ever so slightly less stressful.

Academic societies are part of what makes learning at Durham a unique experience. From essay banks to speakers, they help us engage with our degrees in a way which would otherwise be impossible. But membership of some societies may be prohibitively expensive for prospective members and others still may have insufficient members or resources to deliver on their potential. That’s why if you elect me, I’ll work with our Opportunities Officer to make membership of these societies free and provide funding for them through a grant system to ensure that every student gets the most from their degree. #BetterCallSaul