Meg Haskins



I’m Meg, Nightline’s Director, Women’s Seat at Assembly, former Collingwood Female Welfare Officer, and I've sat on the Union’s Welfare, Equality and Diversity Committee for 2 years. If elected I will strive for a more cohesive, cross-campus approach, pushing for important cultural changes by working closely with relevant groups, in order to make Durham a more inclusive and safe place for all.

My priorities are:

Student Housing

Housing in Durham is a huge issue affecting all students. Not only are rents astronomically high but the majority of properties are in an abysmal state, with only 15% of Durham students saying they would recommend their accommodation to a friend or family member. Therefore, I will introduce a landlord rating scheme for all students to participate in, in order to hold landlords fully accountable.

Mental Health

All students should have access to adequate levels of mental health provision whilst at university. Therefore, whilst ensuring that work regarding the provision of training for peer-support teams is continued, I would also lobby to ensure there is adequate and appropriate mental health provision being offered by the university and local area. I would also like to run a university-wide campaign raising awareness of lesser known, stigmatised mental illnesses.

Campus Accessibility

Currently there is not enough being done to ensure that our campus is suitable for all students. I would therefore write policy which commits the union into lobbying the university to guarantee that all new and refurbished buildings are accessible. I would also explore the potential for developing software which can map accessible spaces across campus: acting as both a ‘working’ system to make the lives of students easier but also as an evidence based approach for identifying where change is needed.

To make real change happen, vote Meg Haskins for Welfare and Liberation.