Charlie Walker



I’m Charlie and I’m running for re-election as your Opportunities Officer. Every student should be able to afford and access the outstanding student experience Durham offers. The SU should lead the way in supporting students using their talents to make an impact in the local community.

I have the experience in this role to hit the ground running. In my second year in post, I will use my research into the cost of extracurricular activity in Durham to build a campaign for these costs to be fair and transparent. I will continue to move the SU’s focus towards supporting volunteers, fundraisers, and campaigners with the training and support to build their skills and make a difference in County Durham. I will continue to push for regulations and procedures that support (and don’t get in the way of) what student groups and common rooms do.

I will lead the SU in providing more for JCRs and MCRs, because we should champion student-owned activity across Durham. We can do more to support common rooms planning for long-term success, and to bring them together to express their collective voice.

In my fourth year, as a student trustee, I made the union invest in an Opportunities department to better support societies and student groups. Next year I will set out a new deal for student groups, outlining the improved support they deserve in return for the hard work they put in.

Housing in Durham is a huge issue affecting all students. Not only are rents astronomically high but the majority of properties are in an abysmal state, with only 15% of Durham students saying they would recommend their accommodation to a friend or family member. Therefore, I will introduce a landlord rating scheme for all students to participate in, in order to hold landlords fully accountable.

The Opportunities Officer is the lead for the SU Bar/Café and other commercial work. I am fighting for a living wage for student staff and improvements in our environmental sustainability. Next year, I will continue to push for our commercial work to be proudly ethical and environmentally sustainable. #ReelectCharlie