Opportunities Officer

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As Opportunities Officer the headline things I'll to do are... 

I will mobilise student knowledge and passion to strategically tackle issues, like homelessness, housing and education.

Why? Because Durham students should go out into the world having experienced changing it for the better. 

I will increase access to amazing opportunities for students by streamlining processes for student groups.

Why? Because student leaders should agree that governance and processes aren’t holding them back.

I will increase the transparency and fairness of Durham’s extra-curricular fees, while also reducing the cost.

Because costs shouldn’t be a barrier to getting involved

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Charlie, I’m from Loughborough, and I just finished four years studying Maths and Philosophy at St. Chad’s College. In my spare time you’ll probably find me watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, reading fantasy fiction or following politics.


What motivated you to run to be Opportunities Officer?

It’s a really exciting moment for Durham SU with a new strategy and the new officer roles. I love Durham and student politics but there’s a unique moment now to take the SU in a different direction and be the first officer to represent student on every extracurricular opportunity.


What do you want Durham students to know about you as the Opportunities Officer?

I represent you on all the student opportunities available at Durham and I want you to have the power to change things during your time here, so please get in touch if you have an issue you care about or an idea for a project.


What will you be working on between now and October when classes start?

I am busy absorbing lots of information from the Union and at conferences around the country so that I can develop my plan for the year. Keep your eyes peeled!


If students are interested in your area of work and want to get involved or share an idea or problem, how can they do that?

Lots of ways! Join student groups at the Freshers’ Fair, come to Societies Forums and Media Forums, or email su.opportunities@durham.ac.uk