DUCK Charity Fundraising

Charity fundraising is a huge part of Durham Students' Union's activities.

Our RAG (Raise and Give) group, DUCK (Durham University Charities Kommittee), is one of the largest in the United Kingdom and offers a wide range of opportunities to raise money for charity.

The best part is that DUCK is completely student led.

In 2014, DUCK was credited with an award for being the Best Student Fundraising Group of the Year, and every year DUCK raises thousands of pounds for local, national and international causes.

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DUCK expeditions are an excellent opportunity to develop student leaders and offer opportunities for everyone to enjoy experiences that they may not have had before coming to Durham.

We raise thousands of pounds for charities every year and we are looking at continuing this, whilst moving forward.

We offer Durham University students a year long Journey Like No Other. Each student is invited to develop and mature as an individual, learn to grow as part of a team, travel overseas to complete a challenge or contribute to a charitable project and fundraise for international charities.

DUCK Expeditions use DUCK's Giving Statement and Giving Strategy to assess the suitability of potential partners, and they are led by students, for students.

Every year DUCK fundraise for the DUCK Allocations fund.

This money is specifically distributed to local charities within a 50 mile radius of Durham Students' Union (DH1 3AN) and/or Queen's Campus, Stockton (TS17 6BH).

This is part of DUCK's commitment to supporting the local community. Every year the money raised goes towards assisting local charities make a real difference to people's lives, last year over £6,000 was distributed to local charities.

The Allocations process allows local charities to apply for funding from DUCK to support projects or resources.

The process takes place once a year and is made up of members of the student body.

There are also opportunities for students to voice their opinions on where funding goes throughout the year.

The process follows the DUCK Giving Strategy and DUCK follows up any funding to ensure real, tangible changes are made.


Durham University Charity Kommittee ensures the smooth running and development of student fundraising by Durham University students.

Who sits on the committee?

The DUCK Chair

The DUCK Executive Committee

What has the committee done in the past?

The committee has discussed and implemented new ways to improve participation in DUCK to get more students fundraising in the community.

They’ve also worked to identify new ways to fundraise so that they can raise more money for great causes.

How do I get onto this committee?

The DUCK executive committee are elected by a cross campus ballot in Easter term.

If you would like to more information, please email


At Durham Students’ Union, we actively encourage you to fundraise although the Students’ Union should be made aware of all fundraising activity and you can find the complete processes in this section.

You may choose to participate in a DUCK events or run your own fundraising event but all fundraising must be carried out through Durham University Charities Kommittee (DUCK).

DUCK is the fundraising arm of Durham Students' Union and falls under our governance, providing students with an array of diverse fundraising events to get involved with.

We are currently updating our step-by-step guides for you to use during your fundraising planning, execution, and reflection.

If you need any advice or support whilst we update these resources please contact

If you are fundraising for a charity this should be done via BT MyDonate.

You can find some basic instructions on how to set up a BT MyDonate page either as an individual or a team below.

Please note these are draft instructions and these will be updated very soon.

Setting up MyDonate as an individual

Setting up MyDonate for a team