Assembly and subcommittee elections

Nominations are now open for the Assembly and subcommittee roles for 2018/2019. For the first time, the election will take place in June. The election for the Assembly open places (freshers’ and postgraduate) will take place in Michaelmas term to allow for first years and new postgraduates to run.

Nominations will close on 30 May at 17:00. In order to nominate yourself, please fill in this form. Husts will be held during Assembly on Tuesday 12 June at 19:00 and Assembly members will then vote. Media Forum and Societies Forum will vote for the Media Rep and the membership of Societies Committee.

The roles available are:

•    Chair of Assembly

•    Assembly open places (open, women’s/carers)

•    Welfare, Equality and Diversity Committee (open, carers place)

•    Environmental and Citizenship Committee (open, political and causes society place)

•    Governance and Grants Committee (open, student groups place)

•   Media Rep

•  Societies Committee (active, academic, political and causes, culture and faith, hobbies and games, arts and music place)

If you need any information about what the committee or Assembly roles entail – you can contact for more information.

‘Being the Chair of Assembly has been one of the highlights of my first year at Durham University. I had never chaired a meeting before coming to Durham, yet now I have the confidence to direct the termly Assembly meetings, something I certainly didn’t predict that I would be doing so soon into my time here at Durham! The skills I have gained from my Assembly position will be invaluable in any career path I choose to follow. I enjoyed being a member of Assembly so much that I am delighted to be attending Assembly again next year as Union Rep for my college next year’.

Antonia Barber - Chair of Assembly.