Spencer Payne
Trustee candidate
The one thing I'd change about Durham is Tories out.


Hi, I’m Spencer. I study Creative Writing, and I’m at Ustinov College. I studied my Undergrad elsewhere, and after completing my Master’s here at Durham I have stayed on for further research. I’ve been an NUS Delegate before, I am Co-Chair of the Durham Uni Labour Club, and I’ve run an SU officer campaign (you might remember the train memes), as well as having helped organise protests against the College fee rises. I think that these experiences across two Students’ Unions will prove very useful in the role of Trustee if I am elected.

In the role of Trustee I would focus on making sure the Students’ Union makes good on its commitments to fighting to lower living costs, communicate well with students, and maximise its potential for democratic engagement. I will also be a strong voice in favour of the Students’ Union remaining confrontational in its disputes with the University, whether that is on issues such as the fee rises, or on the advancing plans to bring more and more students into the city at a time when the demand for space in the library and other academic spaces is massively greater than the supply.

Additionally, as a Postgrad who has both studied a Taught course here, and am now in the middle of a Research one, I am well aware of the different student experiences. I would be a knowledgable voice on the issues that Postgrads face, and recognise that often Postgrads are fundamental to the running of departments and the educations we receive.

Please consider casting your vote for me to be one of your four SU Trustees, and feel free to contact me on my personal Facebook or through my campaign page if you have any questions.