Poppy Azmi
Trustee candidate
The one thing I'd change about Durham is I would want the students and locals to have a better relationship.


I’m Poppy, a maths student from Cuth’s and I’m running to be a student trustee.

My main aim is to encourage more people to get involved with the SU. I have been shocked by how few people actually know what the SU is, and what it does. I think this is due to the collegiate system, which means people tend to know more about JCR committees than the SU team since the colleges run freshers’ week. Therefore, I think the SU should run more events in freshers’ week to allow people to meet the SU committees as well. On top of this, I would ask the JCR committees to send round polls to see if people have been joining Durham-wide societies, as these are very important to widen social circles.

This year I have spent time on my JCR finance committee, and I have been learning about the way money is managed in the college: something many students don’t even consider. I would like it if the students had more control over, and knowledge of, where the money was spent. This way they might be encouraged to get more involved.

On top of this, I want to increase ties with the local Durham community. The divide between the locals and the students is very clear; the majority of Durham students are not from the local area and this is an important factor. I think better education about, and integration with, the local community is very important to encourage this.