Kiyara Sen
Trustee candidate
The one thing I'd change about Durham is its lack of attention towards inclusion of students belonging to minorities and low income backgrounds.


Hi, I’m Kiyara and I’m running in the elections for the position of Student Trustee.

If elected, I aim to direct the SU to focus on integral topics that have had an immense impact on students these past years such as diversity, mental health, and affordable accommodation. As a Student Trustee I will make sure that the students’ money is being used effectively and for the right reasons in addition to ensuring the financial viability of the SU at all times. Being an international student, I will strive to create opportunities for students from different backgrounds and hence encourage social mobility and social integration across the colleges and university at large.

I will strive to make sure that the SU works within the legal framework and abides by its written constitution, while also seeking to update the constitution to make sure it’s consistently meeting students’ needs. I will also strive to ensure that the workings of the SU are fair and free of any kind of discrimination against any groups. Having witnessed the wide variety of student interests at this university, I believe the SU should sustain and support an equally wide variety of clubs, societies, and opportunities. In addition, I will work tirelessly to promote the cause of low-income students, many of whom may feel excluded from Durham’s social and extracurricular scene by the cost of balls and society fees.

If elected as Student Trustee, I will meticulously execute the responsibility of monitoring and constructively critiquing the officers of the SU in order to protect the best interests of the student body. Serving the students to the best of my ability will always be my priority and driving force to improve myself and others.