Jess Dunning
Opportunities candidate
The one thing I'd change about Durham is the cost of extra curricular activities within colleges and the wider university as a whole.


Hi, I'm Jess and I am Running for Opportunities Officer. I believe that all students can get the most out of their university experience regardless of their background. I have experience in a wide variety of areas in the Students Union. I have been Station Manager a Purple Radio, sat on the executive committee for two others and have worked at the Students Union bar, reception and nightbus for the past 8 months. This gives me a great understanding of how the Students Union works and what YOU want to see. Alongside this, I also work with NERAP and NECOP, two big organisations in the North East which sends me into schools to work with children from disadvantage backgrounds and in care. This gives me ties to the wider Durham community.

1. Fight for resources and space to provide a greater student experience!

The societies at Durham (over 235 of them!) are incredibly talented and improve the wellbeing of students and I believe they should not be weighed down by processes that will help them make student lives better.

2. Strengthen ties with the wider community.

I recognise that students at Durham are a very creative and talented bunch but we do have a lot of bad press. I want to promote the great things that Durham Students do and involve the wider community into this.

3. Equip students with the skills that they need to do great things in the world!

I recognise that the university and individual colleges already provide some great courses and development programs. I want this to be more comprehensive as I think students deserve to get the most out of their university experience outside of their degree.