Jack Pearce
Trustee candidate
The one thing I would change about Durham is to make it a more accessible university.


Hi, I'm Jack, a fresher from Cuth's.

I’m looking for your vote to help our Students’ Union make real change in Durham, by voting for me to be your SU Trustee. In just two terms here, I’ve come to love Durham. It’s a beautiful city with unique colleges, but what really makes Durham is the incredible amounts of effort students put into societies, great theatre productions, events and everything that serves to make the Durham community what it is.

Through being on the Durham Labour Club executive and sitting on the general committee of the Union Society, I’ve learned a lot about constitutions and democracy. It’s more important than ever that our Students’ Union needs to be run democratically and effectively because the University itself is sadly acting more like a business than an educational institution. For example, we’ve seen spiralling accommodation fees and relentless expansion, hurting both the students and the residents of Durham. My involvement with Ripped Off has only convinced me further how vital it is for the future of our student community that we have a great Students’ Union.

For this to happen, we need are trustees who will ensure that the Students’ Union handles its finances well, that it will listen to student voices, that will ensure transparency in the SU and the University. Let’s have a trustee who will make sure every college, society and student is listened to, and has the patience, determination and drive to see this through.