Izzie Cheshire
Welfare and Liberation candidate
The one thing I'd change about Durham is its inconsistent approach to student support.


I’m Izzie, the Welfare Officer for the LGBT+ Association, Assistant Welfare for Butler College, Open Place Seat on Assembly, and former Butler Disability Rep. Welfare and liberation are core passions of mine, and I believe that my experience and drive makes me the best candidate to be your next Officer.

My first priority is improving access to quality student support services:

  • I will consult with students about their experiences of uni support and take this evidence to lobby the counselling service and college student support to increase provisions.
  • I will continue the work on supporting Welfare Officers, including providing much needed support for MCR Welfare.
  • I will raise awareness about student suicide, including increasing training, fighting stigma, and making the post-incident response more transparent and accountable.
  • I will increase the reach of active bystander training, and work to introduce equality and diversity training for student leaders.
  • I will support estranged students through networks and information, and direct focus helping students who stay in Durham during the holidays.

Secondly, I want to celebrate Durham’s diversity:

  • I will work with Associations, and cultural and faith societies to showcase their work and publicise it more widely so students are aware of how to get involved.
  • I will continue the work of lobbying the university to make the campus and extra-curriculars more physically and financially accessible, so no student feels isolated.

Finally, I want to push for quality, affordable housing:

  • I will educate students of their tenants rights through a campaign and workshops.
  • I will monitor the building of private halls, and intervene when they are failing to live up to acceptable standards of quality
  • I will support the #rippedoff campaign with a particular attention on how the accommodation prices affect student wellbeing.