Evonne Baltrock Nitzsche
UG Academic candidate
The one thing I would change about Durham would be for the university to create more space on campus for studying and breaks.


Hi, my name is Evonne, and am in my third year of studying archaeology and anthropology here. Watching other students around me grow into passionate experts in their subject over time has been incredibly rewarding, and the relationships with staff that enable me to develop in understanding my course has been a once in a lifetime opportunity. I wish to serve the student community back by ensuring as potential academic officer that this opportunity is shared in the educational lives of all students, across all courses and years.

I pledge to promote internet resource access that is equal to that of other UK top universities, keeping a progressive and scholarly community. This means that sites well known for their consistently reliable unreliability *cough, DUO, cough* should be updated to meet the needs of increasingly digitalized workspaces. This also entails increased access to academic resource sites, so that journal articles and books can be more immediately available, and more of such sites subscribed to, so that you won’t have to spend half your library session hunting down that core reading – great news for arts and humanities students!

I promise better advertised skills support and year-tutor contact so students feel personally well cared for on their academic progression. This means knowing who your year-tutor is and how to access them, so that no student feels left behind course-wise. It also means more awareness of the fantastic skills workshops offered to all students by experts, besides the odd emails that only the most observant among us will view.

Finally, I will ensure mental health awareness among staff is prioritized in all departments. This means necessary education regarding mental wellbeing to a high level so that all students from a diverse array of backgrounds feel safe and can seek help whatever their needs.