David Theisler
Opportunities candidate
The one thing I'd change about Durham is to make Durham Students' Union more involved at the start of university life so freshers know how to engage with them early on.


I’m David! I’m a society President and active member of Student Groups Committee. Vote for me and I will:

Support Student Groups

Student Groups (societies and associations) are the reason most of us interact with the DSU. They rely on SU resources, so I will make those resources better and more readily-available. As Chair of SG Comm’s Documentation working group, I’m already working on improving Student Groups’ access to information. I will oversee a reworked, easier-to-use website, and develop clear handover documents so new execs can start their work without issue. I’ll recognise the ways that Associations are distinct to Student Groups and work closely with the Welfare & Liberation Officer in supporting them. I’ll protect the incredible diversity and independence of all student groups by consulting them in my decision making.

Make Dunelm House into Dunelm Home

The DSU is a great space that should serve us all, so I will make it more friendly! I will revamp Kingsgate, and make it into a welcoming study space, and will push to reopen its bar. I’ll expand the services available at Reception, and publicise what they already provide. I will also make the cafe a more comfortable place for everyone, with easier access to charging ports!

Help individuals feel more engaged in the Students’ Union

We all know that the SU can feel cold and impersonal at times. It’s not common knowledge how the DSU is run, so it can be hard to know who to speak with to get your voice heard. I want to demystify it and pull back the curtain, making you more informed and allowing you to affect the process and hold us accountable! I will make a more transparent SU that listens to you.

Dave Stands with U - elect me for a better DSU!