David Evans
PG Academic candidate
The one thing I'd change about Durham is to make postgrads feel more included in college and academic life.


I'm David, your current Postgraduate Academic Officer, and I'm running for re-election to continue tackling wide-reaching academic issues affecting both Postgraduates and Undergraduates, and to finish the job I’ve started on projects to make life better for Postgraduates.

Some of my other experience that demonstrates I will continue to represent you effectively in the role includes having been:

  • MCR President at Josephine Butler College for two years;
  • Recently elected as the National NUS Postgraduate Research Representative;
  • A Tutor and PhD student in the Mathematics department; and
  • A SU Trustee since 2016.

If elected, I will campaign to:

Fight unfair academic costs: Did you know printing an A4 Colour page is only 5p at Northumbria? So why is Durham profiteering from students at 20p per sheet? I will campaign to cut costs to students and increase transparency around printing, inter-library loans, bench fees and other academic essentials.

Better integrate Postgraduates within Departments and Colleges: Postgraduates are often unintentionally excluded from college life and underrepresented in departments. I will work to change attitudes and include Postgraduates in everything Durham has to offer.

Support Course Representatives to tackle Departmental issues: Too often the SU gives course reps only annual training with limited ongoing support. I will create new reference materials, bring the Postgraduate Course Rep system up-to-speed, and regularly engage and work for your Reps.

Improve minimum standards for Dissertation supervision: Whilst standards for Postgraduate Research supervision are set out centrally, nothing similar exists for Taught course students. I will ensure parity of treatment for all students in this key part of most degrees.

Vote for someone driven to make students’ lives better, using established student and staff networks, knowledge of University decision-making, and political intuition to get things done. Vote David Evans for Postgraduate Academic Officer.