Amie Key
Trustee candidate
The one thing I'd change about Durham is to make sure Durham implements better support for groups such as estranged students and working class students.


Hi, I’m Amie, an MA student at Trevs. I’ve been in Durham for 4 years, and actively involved in the SU throughout. I’m running for Trustee to ensure that all students’ interests are put at the heart of the Board’s priorities. I will be a critical, pragmatic voice, championing your interests, not theirs.

I am experienced in the SU. I’ve sat on various Society and Association exec roles throughout my time at Durham. For the past two years, I’ve sat as Hobbies and Games Rep on Societies Committee, and Secretary this year. I took a major role fighting against the new Student Group Agreement and constitution being pushed through without student consultation, standing up for students against the Board. I have been vigilant in reading and amending policy to be suitable for Student Groups, experience which will be key for ensuring any policy put forward to the Trustees is complete, up to date, and relevant for students.

The Board of Trustees must actively ensure that their decisions do not hinder students, particularly those from marginalised groups. I have championed the best interests of groups such as working-class students and estranged students in Durham, through Associations and campaigns. I have also campaigned nationally with Stand Alone, a UK charity supporting people estranged from their families, and worked directly with the Government to improve their strategy and policies for estranged students. This has given me major insight into how to inform policy using the views of those I represent and uphold the views of those who are often ignored.

The SU needs to be held accountable for the choices they make. As Trustee, I will be a critical and pragmatic voice to ensure that decisions are made with your best interests at heart. Vote Amie Key for your 1st choice Trustee!