Amelia McLoughlan
Welfare and Liberation candidate
I was terrified of stepping on moles in the garden as a child!




I’m your Welfare & Liberation Officer - championing student mental health, initiated a Liberation Strategy & installed baby changing facilities! I believe by hearing, respecting and representing you, I can continue to improve life here for all students.

🌟Housing Strategy

Durham students say housing is the top streser to their mental health. Housing is complex and doesn’t just need a singular solution, but a comprehensive and long term strategy! I will create a SU strategy that tackles both college housing and the rented sector in Durham, with a 12-month action plan that goes beyond contract signing, supporting you all through the year.

🌟Space To Be Yourself

This year, I led the SU on structurally and culturally supporting liberation, supporting student leaders and valuing the voices of marginalised students to make Durham an inclusive environment for all. However, this new approach needs to be implemented and fully embedded into student life. I will influence policy and co-produce a programme of education and empowerment that celebrates and enables each student, whoever they are and however they identify, to belong within our community.

🌟De-PORN-ifcation Campaign

Sexual Violence continues to be normalised on our campus and needs to be recognised and stopped. I will run a De-PORN-ifcation campaign focusing on student sexual health, sexual violence, consent and relationships, so you have the resources, information and confidence to shape the culture around sexual violence.

🌟Welfare Support Matters

We are in a national mental health crisis, support services are increasing more difficult to access and Postgraduates are still being left behind. This is simply not good enough. I will support student welfare both in college and across Durham which is inclusive of postgraduate and international students, lead a specific Men’s mental health campaign and give clear information regarding what support services are available and how to access them.