Amelia McLoughlan
Welfare and Liberation candidate
The one thing I'd change about Durham is how we address diversity and inclusion on our campus.



I’m Amelia, Students with Disabilities Association President, NUS Disabled Students Activist 2018 and winner of the Durham SU Contribution to Student Wellbeing 2018. I am a Team Durham captain, and have sat on the NUS Disabled Students Campaign Committee - cultivating strong relationships both within the university and externally.

It’s simply not fair that while some students have the space to be themselves, others are systematically excluded. I'll prioritise that students of all backgrounds, faiths, nationalities, identities and circumstances feel a sense of belonging by increasing student-led and professional training across the university, creating an empowering campaign focusing on what it means to be a Durham student and directing university policy and procedures to tackle institutional barriers.

For too long postgraduate welfare and support has barely been an afterthought, despite these students being the research backbone of the university, who often balancing student life with teaching and other commitments. I would champion integrated postgraduate support within departments (working alongside the PG Academic Officer) and by strengthening Postgraduate Common Rooms.

Being well supported at university should not be a luxury but an intrinsic part of student life. I will fight for your student support services whether professional, peer or within faith so that no one is left behind. I will collate a Students’ Union booklet that brings together introductory and support services information, which will be available for the earliest arriving students and throughout the year. I will also lobby for services and mental health support to be comparable with other universities nationally, opening a dialogue with other universities in order to lobby the Russell Group to include minimum levels of student support services in their criteria.