Sakunkan Neesung
Trustee candidate

My name is Sakunkan Neesung. But please call me Pat. I am from Bangkok, Thailand, studying Msc Management and currently based in South College, Durham. I love BBQ chicken pizza! And I have one lovely-but-not-so-friendly American Shorthair, Zhenzhen, who loves to bury her fangs in my arms.

Relevant experience

Key skills and experiences I can bring to a trustee role can be summarized in three letters of my name which is PAT.

  • The first letter, P, stands for “Public Interest.” To me, the utmost importance of being a student trustee is to be able to work for students’ best interests. I have a certain level of knowledge in student government from having run for a president of academic affairs position of Student Government of Chulalongkorn University, my home university in Bangkok. This valuable experience has given me a profound understanding of the structure of student government to work hand in hand with the Student Union for the best of Durham students.

  • The second letter, A, stands for “Approachability.” Having me as a trustee will diversify the board members and increase the approachability of the Student Union. I came from an undergraduate academic background of foreign language and culture and, also, did my internship in the Office of International Affairs and Global Network of Chulalongkorn University, which gives me another strength in interpersonal skills and communication to handle the multi-faceted cultural diversity of Durham students.

  • The last letter, T, stands for “Transparency”, which is the promise I want to make to you that if I am elected to serve as one of the four trustees, I will maintain transparency and detectability for the whole academic year.