Oliver Jervis
Trustee candidate

Hi, my name’s Oliver and I am currently a first-year law student at Castle. According to my friends, my defining characteristic is being from Rotherham. Beyond that I tend to spend my time reading, running (or trying to at least), walking my dogs and watching Rotherham United when I can.

Relevant experience

As a Student Trustee, I will be expected to exercise my skills with independent judgment. Therefore, I would like to show you why I am suited for this role and thus why I deserve your vote:

  • Now, you may have noticed that I am a first-year student and immediately questioned my qualification for this role and if I were in your shoes, I would not blame you. However, despite my short time in Durham I have been able to see what is on offer for us and what needs changing, especially as a first-generation student. Sometimes fresh eyes can offer a new perspective on important issues.

  • Furthermore, I have held governing roles before. At my comprehensive school I was elected as a student councillor and influenced several decisions regarding major developments occurring at that time, including the reconstruction of our main school building. At sixth form I became a form representative. In this role I was handed the responsibility of organising open nights, summer fayres as well as several other charity events.

  • I have also held various part-time jobs which have nurtured my organisational and decision-making skills. The most rewarding position thus far was working at my local pub. My role there included being temporary manager several times, emptying the bins, cleaning the toilets, taking orders and even working in the kitchen, but not without washing my hands first! The main lesson I took away from this role is that there is nothing better than serving your local community.