Meg Wishart
Trustee candidate

I’m Meg, a first year History and English student from John Snow. Thankfully, I do enjoy reading! However, I don’t enjoy standing on the side lines. That’s why I’m a Board Member for The School Bank West Lothian, was voted one of Scotland’s most inspirational young women and want to be your Trustee.


Relevant experience

  • Most important to me are the qualities I would bring to this role. I am honest, trustworthy and questioning. I hold myself and others accountable in a way that nurtures change. I love the challenge of working in a team and the wisdom of the crowd.

  • As a Board Member, former School Captain and having delivered education proposals to the Scottish Parliament, I have relevant skills and experience of what it takes to oversee change. I clearly understand end goals, how they can be achieved and formulate detailed plans. My successes in such leadership positions were recognised in the Herriot-Watt Go Global Leadership Award and a school Outstanding Service Award.

  • But I enjoy success more when working with people for a shared cause. The impact of my voluntary work at The School Bank, overseas educational projects and winning the Youth Philanthropy Initiative, have taught me the power of harnessing diversity and not losing sight of the underlying purpose. To teams, I bring analysis, organisation and the ability to influence people. Through others, I have acquired knowledge of funding, financial reporting and legal requirements.

  • My passion for debate gives me the confidence and ability to articulate my own ideas and challenge others. It has honed my critical thinking and reasoning skills and opened my eyes to different perspectives. Winning a national public speaking competition also reinforced my understanding of how to adapt my style to the needs of those around me.

  • I bring much to this role, including a passion to learn.