Joe Simmons
SU President candidate
I will tackle COVID-19 head on, democratise the DSU and rebuild Durham in the interest of students


Tackling COVID-19 Head-On:

  • I will work with Durham University to coordinate a campus-wide vaccination program if insufficient numbers of students are vaccinated by October 2021.
  • I will ensure that mental health support is well-resourced and well-coordinated across the entire university, especially between college student support and the academic departments.
  • I will lobby Durham University to extend the safety net policy into the next academic year if a threshold is met (i.e., if 5 weeks of face-to-face teaching are cancelled).
  • I will work to reschedule the cancelled Matriculation and Graduation ceremonies for later in 2022 (i.e., Easter 2022).

Democratising the DSU:

  • I will establish the ‘DSU Constitutional Convention’, composed of elected student representatives, which will be tasked with redesigning the DSU’s political system with the following guiding principles in mind:
    • A structure that reflects Durham University’s collegiate system.
    • A robust system of checks and balances.
    • A clear separation of powers.
    • A fully elected DSU Assembly with its very own Speaker.
  • The recommendations of the DSU Constitutional Convention will be subject to approval by a campus-wide ‘yes’/’no’ referendum.

Rebuilding Durham in the Interests of Students:

  • I will lobby Durham University to halt any increases in college rent and improve the quality of college accommodation.
  • I will seek to introduce a ‘three tier’ academic support system that removes the requirement for medical evidence except in cases of Serious Adverse Circumstances (SAC).
  • I will promote social inclusion by addressing the issues facing international students and minority groups at Durham University.
  • I will rebuild the relationship between the DSU and the student press by working to restore funding for the printed edition of the Palatinate.
  • I will tackle bullying, harassment, and discrimination by promoting Durham University’s Report + Support tool and working with the Durham Constabulary.